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Application scope of pearl cotton
  • Date:2020-02-28
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EPE is widely used in the packaging of electronic appliances, instruments, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial control cabinet, lighting, handicrafts, glass, ceramics, household appliances, spraying, furniture, wine and gift packaging, hardware products, toys, fruits, leather shoes inner packaging, daily necessities, etc. EPE pearl cotton is also widely used in the elastic lining of handbags and bags, industrial sound insulation, heat insulation materials, agricultural insulation materials, floating equipment of aquaculture, protective pad of sports goods, aquatic life-saving equipment, floor decoration and padding of families and hotels. Its pipes are widely used in air conditioning, baby carriage, children's toys, furniture and other industries. EPE and various fabrics are good interior decoration materials for vehicles and rooms. EPE and aluminum foil or aluminum film composite products have excellent anti infrared ultraviolet capability, which is a substitute for automobile sunshade of some chemical equipment cold storage and camping equipment.

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Application of pearl cotton


Why deep processing of pearl cotton?